Tiny Tiny Men of TIN

Parading alongside a British 1p coin for size comparison

Although I still have a small number of random 5mm to 6mm 1:300 figures from my teenage gaming days, hair roller armies aside, these curious new finds must be the next tiniest toy soldiers that I own.

The left hand box proved to be similar in size to a standard matchbox

These tiny tiny guardsmen were mixed in with the £5 eBay joblot box of 15mm mystery figures (now identified as Cellmate Miniatures 15mm Boxer Rebellion).

I couldn’t judge scale too well from the online photo but thought the guardsmen might be compatible with my 15mm Peter Laing Victorian Parade Range figures.

As it turned out the ‘larger’ figures on the left were near 15mm, these guardsmen must be nearer 10mm, although they range quite a bit in 10mm size and stature.

Comparison figures – left, Peter Laing 15mm and right, blue kneeling Risk Napoleonic figure.

I can only assume from their varied sizes that they were possibly made and painted as doll’s house scale toy soldiers?

If anyone recognises them I would be curious to know what they are.

Security is tight at my ‘affordable’ second home, which was only 50p at a local village boot sale!

Blog post by Mark Man of TIN, 29 August 2021

In a tiny wartime French village


In  a wartime French village, shots ring out as the defending troops rush from house to house.


In a previous blogpost I explored the world of Gault buildings and Peter Laing WW2 15mm figures.

I mentioned that I would try the buildings out with the few 4 or 5 10mm WW2 German and American figures that turned up in a job lot of 15mm figures.

In beautiful sun washed colour … past the Boulangerie and La Vielle Auberge. A sniper lurk somewhere on the first floor balcony of the bakery.

I am not aware of the name of  the maker of these tiny figures. They have the slim tiny look of early series 1 Airfix figures.

A skirmish with only two or three figures a side does not take long!

You can read more about the Gault Buildings and compare their use with Peter Laing  15mm figures.

https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/gault-miniature-ceramic-houses/ Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN, September 2017