1p and 2p Copper Coins to stay in UK circulation

Some of my Prince August 32mm eleven home casts alongside Pound Store ‘Penny Dreadful’ conversion figures, all cheaply  based on penny bases.

Good news for many gamers that those lovely magnetic (post 1992) 1p and 2p coins are staying in UK circulation after a recent consultation https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/penny-coins-1p-2p-access-save-hm-treasury-a8897936.html

1p and 2p coins are so useful for basing gaming figures, especially giving that little bit of weight and magnetic bases to plastic figures. I have been using this penny basing method for Airfix figures since about 2001.

Credit where credit is due (we are talking money after all) I learnt about this magnetic aspect from Bob Cordery’s blog http://wargamingmiscellany.blogspot.com/2010/01/single-figure-bases-cheap-bases.html

42mm range Little Britons LBB30 Boy Scout based on a penny

So it is still possible to keep asking for bags of penny and Tuppence coins, if ever in my local bank branch. Trips to the seaside also have those fabulous seaside amusements with the 2p change machines – I sometimes get a couple of pounds of these, quickly and discreetly select through them. I then use the pre-1992 non magnetic ones in the copper waterfall and tuppenny flipper machines, at which I rarely win anything back . So the amusements people can’t complain too much!

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN 9 May 2019 – The third anniversary of creating the Man of TIN blog.

However my blog birthday remains the date of my first tentative Man of TIN post on the 25th May, which is  coincidentally Geek Pride Day, Towel Day, a Discworkd / Pratchett day  and a Star Wars anniversary too!