Clipping the Fir Trees for Christmas?

A tiny 15mm Peter Laing figure to give a scale idea of these fir trees.

More useful Christmas gifts, making the most of the riches of the season in the shops, are these rocky snow ‘deco sand’ stone lumps and fir tree clips.

The fir tree clips are from Sainsbury’s HOME range, designed as “present clips”, whatever they are. I saw their potential as 15mm size snowy pine trees, once removed from the wooden pegs. They have their own wooden bases but might need the heft of washer bases or penny bases.

The spare clothes pegs themselves have other household or craft uses such as tiny Clothes Peg WW1 biplanes that I featured last year:

The ‘deco sand’ rocks are probably crushed white quartz and come in two sizes, presumably for inertly holding candles or flowers. They should add well to my snowy landscape Scouting Wide Games.

Blog posted by Mark, Man of TIN 2? December 2019

Man of TIN Advent Calendar Day 6 – Clothes Peg WW1 biplanes

Man of TIN Advent Calendar Day 6 – another long delayed blog post

How to make very simple WW1 and interwar aircraft from clothes pegs.

I’ll save making these for myself  until I dig out Donald Featherstone’s book on Air War Games again.

These would make reasonably simple (15mm Figure compatible?) biplanes and you could also use curved edge lollipop sticks for a different look to the planes.

Simple materials and clear instructions 

Raiding the craft store, you should be able to knock up a quick dogfight squadron of these clothespin biplanes using normal or even miniature sized wooden clothes pegs.


They might need some simple undercarriage or wheels block to land them safely.

Snoopy and the triplane  of the Red Baron anyone?

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN as Advent Calendar Day 6 on Thursday 6 December 2018.