Happy 6th Blogaversary Man Of TIN Blog 25th May 2022 finds me DMZ Demilitarised

May 25th is my Blogaversary, the 6th anniversary of my first Man of TIN blog post.

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Image source: Marcia Chatelain, South Side Girls.

DMZ Post No. 5 Tintin, Totor the Boy Scout and Scouting Wide Games figures

Two recent new posts over on my Scouting Wide Games for the Tabletop blog

Tintin the Boy Detective and his younger brother / predecessor Totor the Boy Scout … https://tabletopscoutingwidegames.wordpress.com/2022/02/19/tintin-totor-and-the-belgian-boy-scout-cartoonist-herge/

Scouting figures back out on the tabletop ready for Wide Games and Snowball fights.


The Scouting Wide Games and snowball fight rules pages: 


The original DMZ ‘demilitarised’ post – https://manoftinblogtwo.wordpress.com/2022/02/24/some-more-peaceful-or-non-lethal-tabletop-strategy-games/

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DMZ post No. 2 Snowballer figures from plastic green army men W.I.P.

DMZ Post No. 2 – Crossposted from my Man Of TIN Blog Two post / site


DMZ Post No. 1 – https://manoftinblogtwo.wordpress.com/2022/02/24/some-more-peaceful-or-non-lethal-tabletop-strategy-games/