Schools card gamers project and Harle Games blog

Interesting blog and project by Simon Palmer, a London based games designer and teacher who runs Harle Games design:

Simon Palmer is a game designer and teacher based in London: “I enjoy creating new and engaging social games for my regular tabletop club that helps disadvantaged students engage creatively in a safe, social environment.” (Bold text from his website)

“As well as the tabletop club, I also design and make learning tools, which I provide to schools for free to help students overcome a range of issues such as literacy and mental health, or just for simple, safe fun. In this results driven world, I feel this is an important missing factor in today’s education system.”

They have a Patreon page for fundraising “to help overcome some of the costs involved in making tabletop games for our club … Patrons receive fully designed and play-tested tabletop games, free microgames and get to know they are helping others by keeping the resources free for students.” 

I’m not myself a great player of card based games but it sounds like a good project!

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN blog, July 2017.


I wish I’d had something like this in my lunchtimes at secondary school! Instead I somewhat monopolised our well-thumbed school library reference copies of Charge! by Brigadier Peter Young, The War Game by Charles Grant and Colonial Small Wars by Donald Featherstone that had somehow survived the school library Political Correctness  purges into the mid 1980s.