Man of TIN Blogvent Calendar Day 15: Snowman Guards


Thin banner version January 2019

Spotted this ad online last January 2019 and screenshotted it as an interesting future idea of a Fimo polymer clay smart looking Guards regiment of snowmen? Sadly by the end of 2019 staff on South Western Railway are on strike.

Fantasy snow warriors and violent gingerbread men already exist as can be seen in this seasonal post at Rabbits in My Basement blog

Suitable snowman and seasonal figures can be found at Alternative Armies  in 15mm and 28mm


Some more Alternative Armies seasonal  delights …

Certainly some ideas for a creative  Fimo future  session.

As delightful as Jim Purky’s Der Alte Fritz Blog Teddy Bear Wars posts

and the American Civil Paw 18mm figures from Slave2 Gaming


Meanwhile back in the snow forts our Scouting Wide Game and Snow ball rules continue to be developed. Good clean fun

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN, December 2019