May the 4th Be With You – Happy International Star Wars Day!

Recently I have posted and focussed on outer space a bit more through the unlikely figure of the ‘father of modern wargaming’ Donald Featherstone and the wargaming grandfather and science fiction writer H.G. Wells

including Asimov’s preface to Little Wars

And featured these delightful SciFi Dorset castings through Imperial (!) Miniatures

Reposting the 2022 post and previous year list

Happy International Star Wars Day, also to be celebrated on 25 May as well …

Posted by Mark (Star) Man Of TIN 4 May 2023

The Hex Files – Thing are Getting Strange …

“Things are getting strange, I’m Starting To Worry, This could be a Case for Mulder and Scully …” (Catatonia)

On the distractions or gaming riches of binge watching box sets during Lockdown …

What series or TV programmes distract from or inspire your gaming scenarios?

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