Bring Me Some Men Who Are Stout Hearted Men!

“Stout Hearted Men” 1921 France

If you needed a ‘band’ of brothers for an ImagiNations regiment, look no further.

I’ve no idea who this merry band are (see clues below) but just thought them a “great bunch of lads” with a fine selection of hats worth sharing with the world.

I found this fine photograph postcard on EBay whilst searching for early scouting images. I bought it from a seller in Portugal. It was postmarked France 1921, post WW1 including “Menars 19 April 1921. Loire et Cher”

It is addressed to: Henri Moreau a Villeneuve, Cne (Commune?) de St Denis sur Loire, Par Mesnau. (“By Mesnau”)

According to the trusty Wikipedia, Saint-Denis-sur-Loire and Menars are both communes in the Loir-et-Cher department of central France. It is a suburb of Blois, 7 km northeast of the town, and lies on the river Loire, 63 km southwest of Orléans.

Checking maps, Villeneuve and Menars are towns or villages within this area

Several postmarks – Victor ? [Loir] et Cher? 18 April 1921 / Menars 19 April 1921 Loire et Cher.

“Cher Camarade, Deux mots pour te dire del’ invitations, que je l’avais parle vient, Je me suits assure de ton Bon affections. Anatole Cournois. Envoi de Pepe. Bonjour et au revoir. Je compte sur toi.” Anatole Cournois

Which roughly translates as:

“Dear Comrade, Two words to tell you of the invitations I had spoken about, I am making sure of your good affections. [Messages scribbled into corners] Sending Pepe. Hello and goodbye. I count on you.” Anatole Cournois

A French tricolour flag with some French writing “[fran]caise? … de la …” and what looks like the figure of a Morris dancer with cross straps can be seen at the back? The odd tricolour sash can be seen in the left front rank.

I wonder if Anatole or Henri is pictured?

No idea which group they are from or form the band for. Some of them look old enough to have been Poilus in the Great War.

Blog posted by Mark, stouthearted Man of TIN, 14 March 2020.

The Stout Hearted Men reference? The blog post title is a song by Nelson Eddy from New Moon (1940), which I recall hearing being much parodied on the Morecambe and Wise 1973 Christmas show.