Bicycle Troops – The Cyclist March 1945

Bundling up past WW2 project items to pass on, I came across this interesting advertisement for scarce rubber tyres from Firestone Tyres in The Cyclist magazine March 1945.

The Cyclist incorporated for wartime paper rations as pages into Geo. Newnes Practical Mechanics magazine).

This gives an illustrator’s idea of what the Second Front “over there” looked like with a couple of months to go before VE Day in May 1945.

Bicycle troops, dispatch riders / Military Police, field ambulances, jeeps and army trucks / lorries, ruined buildings, barbed wire (bad for tyres).

The cyclists with haversacks have rifles or possibly Sten guns.

The jeep has a snorkel.

Storm clouds or smoke on the horizon?

These perilous “forward areas” of timbered buildings do not look very Italian Front, much more British or France / Germany / Northern Europe.

The morale of this story: you can help the war effort “over here” by looking after your precious rubber tyres and “Keep all tyres properly inflated“.

Artist: initials ING near the rubble on the right?

Blog posted by Mark Man Of TIN, 7 October 2022

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