RIP Tony Adams of the Woodscrew Miniature Army

RIP Tony Adams the late Commander Of the Woodscrew Miniature Army

Our thoughts are with his wife and family at this sad time.

Sadly here is a post all about my chats and exchanges with Tony, crossposted from my Man Of TIN Blog Two

WookieLikees on Happy International Star Wars Day again and Geek Pride Day!

Some Galaxy Laser Team Wookie-likie figures to celebrate International Star Wars Day and happy Geek Pride Day!

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15mm English Civil War buildings Sarissa Warlord Games Epic Battles Pike and Shot and Peter Laing John Mitchell buildings

I have built my first Sarissa MDF buildings from the Warlord Games Epic Battles Pike and Shotte Starter Set Push Of Pike

and I also remember their Peter Laing / John Mitchell equivalents from 40 to 50 years before.

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More Fiddly 28mm Mini Multipose Fun Figures meet 30mm Mark’s Little Soldiers

Over the last few weeks I have been kitbashing 28mm WW2 figures from freebie magazine sprues into ImagiNations troops (thanks to Alan, David and others)

  • Mountain Troops
  • Marine Light Infantry

I have also been comparing them with suitable 28mm to 32 mm figures in my collection, along with some spare 30mm figures from the Mark’s Little Soldiers neo-retro Range (thanks Alan!)

Basically this is a round up or crosspost of links to this week’s posts from my Man of TIN Blog Two,

Italian WW2 Infantry changed into Scandi mountain troops

And to add to these fine fellows (above), I have kitbashed six more Marine Raiders in pith helmets

Along with some spare Officer figures from the new Mark’s Little Soldiers 30mm Range:

Amazing how varied 28mm Is in terms of size and stature, the same can be said of 30mm to 32mm including Pound Store Plastic Warriors for a cheap bulked out army.

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Peter Laing 15mm ECW metal figures compared to the new Warlord Games Epic Battles Pike and Shotte plastic figures

Peter Laing 15mm ECW metal figures compared to the new Warlord Games Epic Battles Pike and Shotte 13-15mm plastic figures.

See and read more on my blog here, crossposted 6 / 7 May 2023:

Coronation Tailors on the BBC TV and BBC IPlayer

This is the closest I have to a King Charles III figure, bought at some expense from Hamley’s recently in January from an underwhelming display of toy soldiers. It’s really a mounted Scots Guard Officer.

It obviously will replace the Young Queen Elizabeth II riding figure on parade.

Farewell, ma’am.

Amongst my uniform books I have a 1937 Players album of cigarette cards of the 1937 Coronation. The album I think was a gift from my late Dad. It gives a glimpse of how things were done and how the various coronation staff dressed just over 85 years ago.

One of the roles shown are the Royal Regiment of Archers; coincidentally this week amongst a small parcel of figures which arrived from Alan ‘Duchy of Tradgardland’ Gruber was a battered Britain’s version of one of these archers to repair and restore or make new. I shall post pictures of this figure and the album when completed in the next few weeks.


I have seen almost no Royal / Coronation TV programmes so far, having been somewhat over-Royalled last year with parades and programmes for both The Queen’s Jubilee and her Funeral.

However I did enjoy Coronation Tailors: Fit for a King on BBC2 and BBC IPlayer, this week, tailor Patrick Grant’s look behind the scenes of military tailoring for the Coronation, amid the pressure of work cutting new or repairing old uniforms, replacing the QEII cypher with CRIII in time for the Coronation:

Some extraordinary military parade and band costumes for such roles as Drum Majors, Guards and Life Guards,

how the costumes were made in a London factory,

the mill in Yorkshire where the red cloth comes from,

the historic records of each uniform for each regiment,

even regimental mascot coats.

It also showcases some of the last people in Britain / alive who can make such things as special lifeguard helmets using 17th century tools.

Worth watching even after the Coronation event.

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May the 4th Be With You – Happy International Star Wars Day!

Recently I have posted and focussed on outer space a bit more through the unlikely figure of the ‘father of modern wargaming’ Donald Featherstone and the wargaming grandfather and science fiction writer H.G. Wells

including Asimov’s preface to Little Wars

And featured these delightful SciFi Dorset castings through Imperial (!) Miniatures

Reposting the 2022 post and previous year list

Happy International Star Wars Day, also to be celebrated on 25 May as well …

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Moustachioed Marine Light Infantry – more Fiddly 28mm Mini Multipose Fun

More pictures at / crossposted from my Man Of TIN Blog Two, some ImagiNations Marine Light Infantry with fine facial hair, kitbashed from different WW2 28mm Warlord Games freebie sprues:

Thanks David and Alan for the freebie sprues.

Isaac Asimov’s Foreword to the 1970 reprint of H.G. Wells’ Little Wars Of 1913

Isaac Asimov’s Foreword to the 1970 reprint of H.G. Well’s Little Wars Of 1913

The Introduction to the reprint was written by Christopher Ellis:

The 1970 reprint of Wells’ Little Wars (1913) can be found free to read online at

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Christopher Ellis’ Introduction to the 1970 Reprint Of H.G. Wells’ Little Wars of 1913

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