Arma-Dad’s Army – Elizabethan Home Guard 1580s 1590s – Operacion Leon Marino

Chintoys Conquistdors as The Spanish Fury!

This ongoing project was inspired by the ‘muster’ of local Militia, the Elizabethan Home Guard who responded to the Armada of 1588 and the Spanish raids on Cornwall in the 1590s.

Pound Store knights as … the defending Muster!

Script by one William Shaxbeard

and Winston Graham …

Winston Graham’s Armada history and his novel of Elizabethan England, The Grove of Eagles reviewed here.

The late arrival of the Trained Bands …

When the piratical Spanish have finished trying to invade England (and Cornwall), they can pit their wits against fierce Aztec and Inca type natives in the jungles and forests of South Generica / South America, the ManofTINcas and ManofTINtacs tribes.

Queens, Princesses and Peasants?

Inspired by the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth the 1st, some feisty female characters …

amongst the English or fierce Cornish Defenders:


More Arma-Dad’s Army fun to follow in 2022 …

Thanks to Alan (Tradgardland) Gruber for his generous gift of figures and encouragement of this project.

Polemarch has a fascinating Armada Abbeys Campaign series of posts and games summarised here:

Page posted by Mark Man of TIN, ongoing from 2019.