Airfix ACW Battle of Pine Ridge River Crossing

Union troops pile out of the train to try and dislodge Confederate troops who have blocked the railroad with logs on the other side of the river crossing. Vintage Airfix ACW.

I managed to finish my American Civil War skirmish today with my rebased vintage Airfix figures – The Battle of Pine Ridge River crossing – fighting for a railway bridge over a rocky ravine cutting of the good old Hicksville River USA, sometime in 1861 whilst zouaves still had confusing uniforms.

These veteran troops have not fought a battle  since the late 1980s. Game write up follows here:

For details of the figure conversions, see here:

One of the tense moments in the ACW game as a surviving Union Infantry standard bearer retreats to join Union Zouaves down the blocked railroad track, pursued by bullets and a reckless Confederate Zouave. Airfix figure conversions.

Previous ACW skirmish was with Peter Laing 15mm figures last August 2016:

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN blog, 23 July 2017.

4 thoughts on “Airfix ACW Battle of Pine Ridge River Crossing”

  1. I have loads of Heroscope hexes and every time I see your games I think ‘I really MUST use mine to stage something similar’. I even have several ‘Train in a Box’ sets and quite a few 20mm figures. Thanks for giving me something to think about over the next few days.

    All the best,



    1. Hello Bob
      Heroscape hexes have greatly changed my games for the quicker set up and the better (although I am intrigued by the alternative chessboard, games cloth squares and hexon tiles that I see on your and others blogs). No need for rulers or fiddly measuring tapes and I also like also the 3D stackable nature of the hex tiles for making terrain features. This really worked well for the ACW game, restricting routes and putting in impassable higher ground and forest. Proper cluttered Featherstone Close Wars terrain.

      Because the main table was in and out of use throughout yesterday, I used the Heroscape hexes on my portable game boards on top of felt on a wooden board so I could easily lift them on and off the table as needed.

      I have spotted online a version of the “battery train in a cardboard box” with double the track and points too!

      I look forward to seeing what you do with 20mm or your 15mm Peter Laing, they also work well at this scale with the Heroscape hexes.

      Game write up follows up this week.

      Mark, Man of TIN blog.


  2. Mark,

    I was so impressed by what you have done that I dug out some of my Heroscape hexed terrain to see how much of it I could onto my 2′ x 3′ (60cm x 90cm) small warboard. I could actually fit a 14 x 19 hexed grid onto my warbaord … and it has really given me something to think about. So much so that I have just written a blog entry about what you have done, and it should be published on my blog the day after tomorrow. I have copied one of your images to illustrate what you have done, and I have made sure that proper attribution has been made to you and to your blog.

    A truly inspiring blog entry.

    All the best,



    1. Bob
      Thanks for the mention, you are very very welcome to use the image(s). I look forward with interest to seeing what you have done with your Heroscape hex Warboard.
      I keep thinking about creating a slightly larger board with the largest Heroscape hex square plates set down with glue upon it as a starter base board, rather than my two wooden box lids which facilitate smaller quicker games. I bought three bashed Heroscape starter sets cheaply so should have enough hexes.
      The frustrating bit of squeezing hexes into a box lid is the small gaps left near / by the wooden rim, but I find some scrap cuts of AstroTurf do the trick of filling gaps scenically enough. One half hex also does sort of tally up with the half hex on the other board rim to make a sort of whole hex (albeit in two halves) if needed.

      I hope the portable game board book series writing is going well, I bought the first one and found many many interesting ideas inside. Will you be producing a book section on Solo aspects of the Portable War Game? There are many many solo gamers out there who would buy it.
      The rest of the ACW Pine RIdge Battle report should be complete by tomorrow evening, a very enjoyable solo game with a heroic end!
      Best wishes
      Mark, Man of TIN blog.


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