A Small Salute on Donald Featherstone’s Centenary

My homecast Salute to Donald Featherstone’s Centenary (54mm Prince August).
My toy soldier style tribute to Donald Featherstone, Don being the physiotherapist to Southampton FC for many years  (Airfix Footballers). He probably wore a suit and tie,  not a tracksuit.

MARCH is my excuse to photograph my MARCHing figures and MARCHing bands in my collection  so these are a small tribute to Don, the sort of Britain’s figures that he would have seen in his inspiration – H.G. Wells’ Little Wars.

A tiny parade of some of my vintage Britain’s Guards,  MARCHing  to celebrate Donald Featherstone’s Centenary.
Some Donald Featherstone inspiration – his 30mm Spencer Smith figures in the Plattville Valley, an ACW game from his first book (and my favourite) War Games 1962 


Donald Featherstone (1918 – 2013) would have been 100 years old today.



Happy Birthday Donald Featherstone! An inspiration to us all.

A little suitable light reading for the day …


Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN, 20 March 2018


11 thoughts on “A Small Salute on Donald Featherstone’s Centenary”

  1. Tony
    You, me and so many others could say the same. This side of the Atlantic, I think Don Featherstone was a huge influence on so many people. I always made a beeline to 793.9 in my branch library to see if his books were in or could be reserved. Every time a game is played using (someone’s tinkered version of) his rules is his tribute, every setting out of Troops for a game his own small parade. He would no doubt himself say the same of H.G. Wells.


  2. The picture of the Platville Valley action kick started a whole project for me40+ years after I first saw it… HUGE influence on me, but a matter of great delight that I managed to meet him and tell him that before he died..


    1. Wonderful! I hope that many people had the chance to do the same as you, Steve. I think I might have been a tiny bit overawed to have met Don Featherstone. Having met one of my other (non-gaming) heroes, you think what could I possibly say that would be of interest and that hasn’t been said a thousand times already.


      1. The other joy of it was that I saw him and had no time to think about what stupid old fool I might appear to be.. that man made an enormous difference to my life, and others, so it was an instant decision.. Colours it was..


  3. I’m lucky to own that book; found it a few years ago in the Portsmouth Naval Museum’s antiques shop. I wish I had bought some of their Britain’s toy soldiers too…


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