World Thinking Day – Happy Birthday BP!

An amazing picture to ponder for Scouts and Guides worldwide

I’ll be lighting a thoughtful candle at home tonight alongside many other scouts and guides, ex scouts and ex guides worldwide as it’s World Thinking Day, 22 February 2020 a day to celebrate Scouting and Guiding, being the birthdays of both Robert Baden Powell and Olave Baden Powell – Happy Birthday BP!

You helped make the world a Better Place.

An amazing picture to ponder on World Thinking Day 2020

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN 22 February

2 thoughts on “World Thinking Day – Happy Birthday BP!”

  1. Unfortunately, the Boy Scouts of America have just gone bankrupt due to their absolutely dreadful history of ignoring and hiding abuse issues. Not to mention paying out fines and judgements for said wrongdoing.

    The Girl Scouts, interestingly, have never had such a problem…


    1. Oddly, this BSA problem was mentioned to me yesterday by a family member when I explained what Games I was working on.
      A great shame and muddle – hopefully out of the BSA wreckage, something positive can be saved but we are in some ways a different society from when and how Scouting started.
      When I read the early handbooks, the ideas behind the Girls and Scouts are those of equity and inclusion, muddied by making it increasingly palatable to society (being suitably feminine and ladylike, colonial attitudes etc).
      As you say, the Girl Scouts has not been so affected …


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