Meanwhile back in the bunny hospital …

Whilst the Spanish Armada invasion land forces assemble , a strange creature arrived on the painting desk today.

Now that’s what a lop rabbit …

The Bunny Hospital opened its Nightingale Ward temporarily today …

Its only patient was discharged on the same day after minor reconstructive surgery.

“Just all in a day’s work, ma’am …” (We never sleep.)

Blog posted by ‘Doc’ Mark Man of TIN 15 January 2022

13 thoughts on “Meanwhile back in the bunny hospital …”

  1. Well done Mark. I think we have all operated in that same hospital at one time or another. I just recently with an entrance into the dark world of Akedo and the Ultimate Arcade Warriors. My grandson wanted a conversion turning two models into one rarer one and a repair on another! Unfortunately the conversion with a great paint job looked exactly like it was meant to but didn’t fight like it should!


  2. Ralegh, Raleigh – “Tomato, Tomato, potato, potato, let’s call the whole thing off.”

    Same as Shakespeare, Shaxberd, etc no standardised spelling then.

    Tobacco, potatoes, bicycles, what amazing things these Elizabethan sea captains discovered or invented and brought back to Britain.


    1. In true Bugs Bunny fashion, he should have asked “errrr … What’s up Doc?”

      I could then answer in suitably medical terms, “Your ears have fallen off and I need to superglue them back on (and repaint)”.


  3. Nice rabbit repair, there. Curiously, I had a similar right ear gluing request last year but for a ceramic dog! We should form some sort of guild – a mini animal repair shop.


    1. A guild? With a mystery play? And a hall … and parades and floats like the Lord Mayors Show ? The guild of ungentlemanly repairers and misadventurers?
      It could be a TV series, where people with genuine trauma In their lives could bring us treasured hare-looms (and bunny-looms or rabbit-looms) and we could enthusiastically but comically badly repair or upcycle them … then reveal them to their owners with a cheerful flourish?
      It’s got everything TV needs … tears, laughter, lawsuits …
      I just can’t think of a name! “Ye olde Repaire Shoppe …”? “Upcycle and at ‘em!” “Amateur pet taxidermy challenge?”

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  4. Haha brilliant! I’m sure they’d be plenty of tears in that programme – and not of joy either! The Guild of Ungentlemanly Repairers and Misadventurers – always ready with a tube of Bostik.


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