Boy Scouts, Camping and Quarter Staves again


Quarter Staffs, Boys Life Magazine June 1912 – from Pinterest / Northern Bush website.

Having completed the second part of a local history project talk on how my local area of the southwest U.K. changed during and after WW1, I can return back to my 2019 project putting Scouting Wide Games onto the tabletop and in future on the floor out into the garden.

Talking of garden games,it is well worth checking out the extraordinary blog of Mannie Gentile Toy Soldiers Forever reacreating an American Civil War battle with unpainted plastic figures. Look up the 17 September 2019 blogpost on the Sunken Lane

I am lucky to be sharing this Scouting Wide Games ‘journey’ of rule writing and puzzling out game mechanics with Alan Gruber of the Duchy Of Tradgardland blog. After meeting up with him a few weeks ago, he has taken away a set of our draft scratch outline rules to work out some possible rules and workable scenarios. Many of them can be found here:

Scouting Wide Games is non-violent* combat with only the loss of a wool or scarf ‘life’, melee with quarter staves, range weapons like whiting balls or snowballs. It should be “jolly good fun”.

* Elsewhere on other scout games post, Nobby has commented on how deviously painful scout quarter stave fighting could be in the wrong hands.

One possibility, with only eight figures in each Patrol, is to use a Role Play Game approach of a character card for each figure with different scout badges of skills and achievements amongst your Patrol.


Lots of work to do to get this playable …

Pinterest is a great research tool and source of images for gaming projects. As part of the Wide Games project, I have been looking at ‘Early Boy Scout and Girl Scout’ images on cigarette cards.

I came across this Northern Bush web page on camping and scouting reading resources:


Amongst the Northern Bush web material on Pinterest was this great page from Boys Life, an American Boy Scout magazine produced since 1911.

Blog posted by Mark, Man of TIN, 17 September 2019

4 thoughts on “Boy Scouts, Camping and Quarter Staves again”

  1. The RPG element I like! This is how Dungeons and Dragons got started – by extrapolating from the Featherstone/Colville/Blake man-to-man skirmish rules. I look forward to seeing what you make of it.


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