Paperboy Martians Have Landed on my Doormat

They’re here!

Man of TIN, scouts and my own Cath Kidston cut out paper Guards greet the Paperboys arrival.

At last! They’re here at last! Huzzah! Or Ulla?

They’re all utterly gorgeous. You have to buy a copy or two!

Somewhere in paper soldier Valhalla, the late and much missed Stuart Asquith is smiling.

My favourite of all pages are the Civilians. As lively and full of character as Tintin or the work of Raymond Briggs like Ethel and Ernest. I hope Peter Dennis takes that as a complement!

But, crowding round my copy as I opened it, fresh from Helion thought the post, a gasp went up from the tiny men (and women) – “Where were the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts?”

In times of peril such as Martian or Franco / Prussian invasion, England expects everyone to step up and be counted – Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts too!

Hopefully in time Peter Dennis will amend this omission and put some Edwardian Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts on his Paperboys Little Wars website page, if only to keep an eye on the Prussians there!

Hint: Peter, there’s plenty of early scout uniform details, if you want on my Scouting Wide Games for the Tabletop website blog and Man of TIN blog:

Early ‘Paperboys’!? Some of my Edwardian scraps of Scouts (probably printed in Germany)

Surrey scouts c. WW1 Copyright: my Scoutingwidegames for the Tabletop photo collection.

Making my Paperboys up might have to wait!

Probably until after I have to finish working with Alan ‘Tradgardland’ Gruber on our 54mm Scouting Wide Games and Snowball Fight offerings for the Little Wars Revisited 54mm gaming day.

This takes place on Saturday March 14th 2020 in Martian invaded Woking, no less! (still spaces available) see here for details –

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN (not Boy of PAPER) 21 February 2020

9 thoughts on “Paperboy Martians Have Landed on my Doormat”

  1. Although I have given a book of the Normans as a Christmas present to a friend’s son I have not really considered them as an option for me until now. I watched the 16 minute video ( Peter Dennis is such an affable and helpful guide) on how to make them followed by a good browse of his website. It’s soo interesting and reminds me of my youth. My one fear is my general cack handedness . I am really tempted however. It could be a whole new world opening up…


      1. I’ve made a bunch for use at work – they really catch the kids’ attention. I’m uncertain about using them at the club as we always have fans running…

        But a company called World of Fun is going to do plexiglass versions of Dennis’s models! I just ordered a small collection to check them out.


      2. Using a fan to wipe out the (paper) enemy is a brilliant tactical ‘apocalypse’ move. I saw these Wofun plexiglass ones on Peter’s Facebook – I hope they are good and robust for repeated library sessions.


    1. This is the last thing we all need … more ideas. More figures. Hooray! The new shiny (paper) …
      I have yet to see Peter’s How To video. Must look at this.
      I have Facebook comment messaged him about the lamentable lack of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts


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