An Old 15mm Farmhouse by Gallia

Gallia Farmhouse with Peter Laing 15mm figures ECW / 1715-45 range

Lockdown Sort Out: One of the long surviving and bashed buildings I have is a resin farmhouse from the 15mm of range in the 1980s by Gallia.

This is not as you can tell the original chimney. This was lost sometime in storage over the years. However I found a suitable replacement chimney in a job lot bag which kind of fits, badly, in a characterful way.

If it got anymore wonky, Trumpton Fire Brigade would have to be called to fix it.

1983 Battle for Wargamers – Wargames Manual (Ed. By Stuart Asquith) advert for Gallia range

This Farmhouse was the only resin building that I bought then as I relied like everyone else on old bashed Airfix railway buildings, Airfix Forts, surviving parts of the Waterloo Farmhouse and homemade cardboard ones. Surprisingly large numbers of my games were fought then around strategic targets such as railway stations!

I also bought and still use 15mm cardboard buildings by John Mitchell from Peter Laing.

Gallia resin buildings were expensive enough c.1982/83 to have been chosen as a present. When it arrived, the resin still had a strong chemical smell which has thankfully faded over the years. I never tried their figure ranges.

One downside I found with this resin building is the fixed roof, so that you cannot place figures inside.

1982/83 magazine advert and prices. I assume ruined buildings were a bit cheaper than whole ones?

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN 15 April 2020

2 thoughts on “An Old 15mm Farmhouse by Gallia”

  1. A chunky and charming cottage which looks great in front of the backdrop, it reminds me of the country in the Duchy of Tradgardland for some reason. The figures really set it off. I have some resin stuff but don’t really like the material. I have broken bridges by clumsily dropping them and they can chip easily too. I have some resin hobbits too but much prefer plastic.


    1. I know what you mean about brittle. I wonder if their ruined bridge sections are ones we dropped earlier and stuck together again?
      Chimney aside, this one has only minor chips, as do my Lilliput Lane plaster ones from my late Mum. Both get repaired with a little Acrylic or watercolour.. it adds to the war torn or historic / dilapidated air.


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