International Star Wars Day May the Fourth (Be With You)

Because there is only one space princess…

Even the recent gutsy female leads have an element or echo of Leia in the form of Rey lead character (Daisy Ridley) of the last three Star Wars films VII to IX and Jyn Erso in Rogue One (Felicity Jones), probably my favourite recent Star Wars standalone film.

Airfix Star Warriors space princess vs the real one …

Lots of space related postings over the last four very odd years including the gift of some 54mm plastic American Tim Mee Galaxy space figures from Alan Gruber which are now finally on my painting table.

And the whole Flash Gordon thing in 54mm & 32mm Pound Store figure conversions …

Where my non-Airfix pocket money went in the 1970s. Month’s pocket money each … I still have them today!

Previously on International Star Wars Day





Close Little Star Wars rules Back Yarden game 2016 Airfix / Star Wars figure mash up

Here’s looking to the next Star Wars related day … Geek Pride Day May 25th. (Incidentally this is always my Man of TIN Blogaversary, my 4th coming up!)

If you know the date connection between Geek Pride Day and Star Wars, you win your Geek Points.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, May the Fourth 2020

4 thoughts on “International Star Wars Day May the Fourth (Be With You)”

  1. And also with you!
    Nice to see a look back at your posts on this theme. I will be interested to see your Tim Mee fellows when painted, strangely enough they emerged at the weekend when I was tidying/ sorting. I really ought to let see the light of day…
    The Tim Mee are quite a collection of different styles and periods which is part of their charm I think. I imagine youngsters swapping to get the mix they need for their games.


    1. It is a shame that Tim Mee are not more widely and cheaply available in the U.K. without hefty shipping.
      They should be in all UK toy stores (by law of the ToyMeister) alongside all the Airfix and Britain’s Deetail figures ever made, but on today’s date especially the Space Warriors.
      Where, I ask myself, is the UK Ministry of Toys and what is it doing about it?


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