Happy 6th Blogaversary Man Of TIN Blog 25th May 2022 finds me DMZ Demilitarised

May 25th is my Blogaversary, the 6th anniversary of my first Man of TIN blog post.

Crossposted by Mark Man of TIN


Image source: Marcia Chatelain, South Side Girls.


4 thoughts on “Happy 6th Blogaversary Man Of TIN Blog 25th May 2022 finds me DMZ Demilitarised”

  1. Just spotted the image from the Schomburg Collection, which we also have at my branch – a lot of interesting period sources on black history. There are even a few on the African colonial period, including From Capetown to Cairo and Boer Fight For Freedom. (I suspect that last is simply for the racist subtext, though it does start with a history of the Boer culture and Trek.)


    1. I’m glad I didn’t have to search through the whole photo collection of the Schomburg collection for 8mages of Black Camp Fire Girls. This one photo is enough for me for figure painting.
      The early Scouting and any colonial era texts have to be read today with an understanding that this is what was thought at the time.


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