Poundland Desert Warriors finished!


Very pleased with how these conversions of plastic pound store figures (36mm) have turned out.  https://poundstoreplasticwarriors.wordpress.com/2017/10/22/poundland-desert-warriors-finished/


Crossposted from my Pound Store Plastic Warriors Blog by Mark, Man of TIN.

4 thoughts on “Poundland Desert Warriors finished!”

    1. Thanks Peter – I too think that they will suit a range of periods and hope that there are many more possible conversions in this tiny tub or bag of small pound store figures. Some space figures are underway (pilot figure on show soon) Whilst I was at the PVA Tissue papering and painting stage with these natives I was also thinking this tissue paper moulding would work as snow capes or camo capes on WW2 / Modern figures. Then add some Fimo equipment such as backpacks etc.


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