Ten things Bob and I like about Solo Wargaming

Read this interesting 2011 blog post by Bob the Solowargamer and it’s one I happily agree with (and so does my usual opponent):


This way of gaming and choice of opponent very much suits:

  • the odd times I have available for gaming,
  • my need for very very simple rules,
  • my strange choices of figure scale (pound store 42mm and 32-36mm anyone?)
  • my odd vintage figure selection
  • my Imagi-Nations or odd choice of periods.

Seems overall like a good match. My usual opponent agrees.

Am I really Solo though? Thanks to blogging, readers’ comments and emails as well as forums such as the Peter Laing collectors community on Google+, I have the benefits of the company of other gamers without the tiresome company of button counters and rules lawyers.

Happy Gaming!

Reposted from the Solowargamer blog by Mark, Man of TIN and his ever-agreeable opponent, 2018

B.P.S. One day I might get around to joining the Solo Wargamers Association and their excellent journal Lone Warrior if I can work out how. They have some good sample articles on their website.





9 thoughts on “Ten things Bob and I like about Solo Wargaming”

  1. Been solo gaming for the last 40+ years and I think I prefer it to head to head , can play when you like with what you like and how you like !


    1. I thought this article funny and insightful. I have almost always played solo games due to odd choices of period and figure scales, my need for very simple / simplistic rules and like everyone else the odd opponent that I didn’t get on with. Each to his own …


  2. I wish my Solo Opponent was 1/2 so accommodating mine is prone to nip out just as things are getting interesting giving some lame excuse like “the dogs need to go out” or “gotta go make supper” and he’s forever criticizing whatever rules we use, tsktsk when I try to “do over” a bad die roll for a favourite unit and is always on about how I need to fix up the terrain, finish basing my figures properly and so. Real pain in the neck at times but at least he’s available and often gives me a good run for my money.


  3. I have played solo games for years and agree with what has been posted. I like simple rules and a set up I can play/leave as I wish. I play more regularly solo ( and with my regular opponent too) than I used due to change in circumstances ie retirement. Solo gaming is great . I can be fickle as I like changing games, flitting from one to another and play periods that no one else is interested in I know.


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