Pound Store Possible Warriors # 1


Further Pound Store plastic warrior possibilities sketched out in my notebook!


Roman infantry for A Modern Roman Empire from “The Gory That Was Rome”?

Pound Store small ‘pirate’ copies of other figures. (Figures: Man of TIN)
Pound Store Plastic Warrior Redcoat sketch (Figure / sketch / photo: Man of TIN)

From Pound store plastic red coat to “Berlin Gray” / Space police?


Lots of paint conversion possibilities.


I like the way that familiar figures randomly reappear in different sizes in pound store bags.

I have these three different scale versions of the original Matchbox WW2 US Infantry Radio Man and probably the original Matchbox 1:72/76 and 54mm ones from childhood somewhere!

Posted by Mr MIN, Man of TIN, June 2016.



2 thoughts on “Pound Store Possible Warriors # 1”

    1. Doug
      We do share similar thoughts!
      Many many Thanks for the links to your site I’ve enjoyed a happy trawl through your dollar / pound store conversion blogposts, trying to work out which the original figures are.
      I happily spotted lots of the Airfix original figures hiding amongst the conversions – some very novel ideas – but the Lucky Toys revolutionary war figures I’m not so familiar with. Luckily I have some stashed to look forward to at Christmas and like their cartoon style.
      Mark, Man of TIN blog


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