Mil Mod issue no. 1 1971

MAP Model Railway News December 1970

Ten years later this would be a monthly joy …

Advert found whilst leaving through a pile of old railway magazines.

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN 8 October 2017


Author: 26soldiersoftin

Hello I'm Mark Mr MIN, Man of TIN. Based in S.W. Britain, I'm a lifelong collector of "tiny men" and old toy soldiers, whether tin, lead or childhood vintage 1960s and 1970s plastic figures. I randomly collect all scales and periods and "imagi-nations" as well as lead civilians, farm and zoo animals. I enjoy the paint possibilities of cheap poundstore plastic figures as much as the patina of vintage metal figures. Befuddled by the maths of complex boardgames and wargames, I prefer the small scale skirmish simplicity of very early Donald Featherstone rules. To relax, I usually play solo games, often using hex boards. Gaming takes second place to making or convert my own gaming figures from polymer clay (Fimo), home-cast metal figures of many scales or plastic paint conversions. I also collect and game with vintage Peter Laing 15mm metal figures, wishing like many others that I had bought more in the 1980s ...

7 thoughts on “Mil Mod issue no. 1 1971”

    1. Brilliant – we managed to get Mil Mod bought into our school library from age of 14 – I still have some of the subtly graffitied copies auctioned off when we left. Charge! and The War Game were also there, Featherstone’s Colonial Small Wars but sadly no gaming society.


  1. Take it down and read it again one rainy day, if only for the adverts. Sadly I have hacked most of My Mil Mods to pieces fir the best articles into folders but like you still have the first few intact that my Dad bought me.


  2. What a lovely find. I think my first Military Modelling must have been about 1972. It was a Charles Grant article on the Napoleonic Wargame that started off my interest in the hobby

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  3. I remember Mil Mod issue 1 well, a lad brought a copy in to school and I badgered him to sell it to me, collecting and painting miniatures was in it’s infancy at the time and this was something revolutionary. Sadly I also cut all of mine up to save space, I kept mostly uniforminfo articles, wish I’d kept more of the adverts now, they would have been much more useful for research.


    1. Same here, almost all my 80s and 90s Mil Mods cut up, a couple of folders of uniform articles, one of Battles and another of miscellaneous interesting articles. But at least I still have these … I’m not sure boxes of intact mags would have survived House moves.


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