Turncoats and Mercenaries?

Updated July 2021 with Figure paint conversion pictures

A small colourful consignment of turncoats and mercenary troops, previously serving with the Duchy of Tradgardland, have been posted to new service here with various ImagiNations.

These familiar and classic Airfix OOHO figures from the 1970s will be perfect to bulk up the small numbers of the various colourful and random RainBow ImagiNations units featured on my Pound Store Plastic Warrior blog last week:


In red on the left, you can see a handful of Airfix AWI British Grenadiers and Washington’s Army figures.

July 2021 Update: the Tricornes have now become black and gold


July 2021 update: The Grenadiers have become reinforcements for the Kings Guard

In the centre, mostly French Napoleonic Artillery figures, gun and limber pieces and a medley of other figures.

July 2021 Update: the French Artillery have become blue and gold


I like the French Artillery firelock figures at the bottom centre with musket perched casually over the shoulder whilst marching or shuffling along.


On the right, French Napoleonic Imperial Guard.

There was also half a dozen Airfix horses and bases (not shown).

They are all such useful generic shako, bearskin and Tricorne figures for “Horse and Musket” era ImagiNations.

As you can imagine, I will probably not be painting or using them as they were intended. Some of the later shako figures may do well with the post Napoleonic Mid 19th century Bronte family ImagiNations of Gondal, Glasstown and Angria.

I will mount gun crews and skirmish infantry as individually based figures.

Thanks to Alan Gruber of the Duchy of Tradgardland for this kind gesture. The finished figures will feature on this blog in time.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 27 May 2021,

updated 5 July 2021 with phinished phigure photographs.

7 thoughts on “Turncoats and Mercenaries?”

  1. Glad they have marched safely into their new quarters. I have every faith they will do themselves proud in the games to come. I look forward to seeing what uniforms they are issued with.

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    1. Receiving these unexpectedly in the post was as much fun as spotting the original hoard bag, which I grabbed in the shop and did not let go! Scarce figures throughout much of my childhood (and adulthood). There used to be wanted adverts for these scarce Airfix historical in the back of Military Modelling and Miniature Wargames, paying so many pennies per scarce figure!

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  2. Those French Napoleonic marching figures came with the Airfix French artillery box. I thought it was a great set, two guns, full crew, limbers and horses, and a contingent of marching figures. Napoleonic students condemn the guns as unauthentic but I still love the set and remember thinking how nice it was to also have a detachment of simple, close order pose marching figures. A great value box.


  3. They were an interesting characterful oddity, the almost unmilitary trudging French artillery men (the equivalent to Firelocks) and the horse-holders.
    It is a great little artillery set, useful for Napoleonics and ImagiNations.

    I dislike still trying to fix Airfix horses etc to bases and riders, almost impossible without using pins for riders and superglue / candle hot scalpels to fix and melt the hoof joints. Fumes! Atlantic at least had fixed based horses.


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