Labyrinth or Terrain Squares?


Found this in a old second-hand book of mazes. It might look like maths homework. However they could be the basis for something like terrain squares, roads  and also dungeons.


I’m sure hex versions would work, even marked out onto  Heroscape hexes.

There is also a good cracker style puzzler.

A matchstick maze puzzler …

Henry Hyde of Battle Games fame has produced some interesting terrain squares, the first set of which are available as a free PDF gift for subscribing to his Gladius newsletter.

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN, 27 December 2018.





6 thoughts on “Labyrinth or Terrain Squares?”

  1. This reminds me very much of a Vietnam “tunnel wars” game Ross Perry (F E Perry’s son) ran back in the 1980’s. He created a maze just like this in his garden with house bricks and covered the whole thing with a cloth, American GI’s entered the tunnel to look for ammo cache’s, command post etc and as they advanced the cover would be pulled back to reveal twists, turns and antechambers, take a wrong turn and you could set off a booby trap or walk into an ambush. It was very tense but an exciting game to play.


    1. This sounds like the ultimate dungeon and dragon game! It sounds like it could have a Verdun or COIN Counter Insurgency angle. Hopefully if a Perry reprint book is ever produced, this could go in?

      I have bought as a family Christmas present the Zombies board / card game with tiny plastic zombies and card /tile placing a route, which may be interesting. I’ll post about it if I understand it enough to play it …


      1. Games Workshop’s Lost Patrol is similar, too, but on cardboard hexes drawn at random to make jungle trails. From which, at any point, could jump out Genestealers (think Aliens) to eat the protagonist Space Marine Scouts. I understand it almost invariably ends in a ‘Stealer victory, and the standard of play is to play twice, switching sides, and see who lasts longer.

        I may use it for Close Wars with my Revolutionary War figures, if I can overlook the fact that there was no jungle foliage in the colonies. It could be set in the Caribbean, I suppose, French on British.

        With regard to the “hidden deployment” terrain, there are a variety of building sets on the market that can be used for a suspenseful dungeon-crawl.


      2. I don’t know Lost Patrol but this hex idea sounds flexible for many genres, many periods. Jungle, forest, alien planet. Hidden deployment is a very useful mechanic for my solo games.


  2. I thought about using a similar system in an urban context to game the German revolution of 1919 with 15mm figures. I made plans in a notebook of how it would work, one day…


    1. I have a similar notebook full of “one day” ideas …
      Hmm, Street Fighting Man and Woman / Rosa Luxemborg / Freikorps type scenarios would be interesting. A certain little corporal knocking around as well. Peter Laing produced a 15mm WW1 extension range that would go into the aftermath, the Russian Civil War etc. Should be lots on this for the 100th anniversaries.


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